10 Reasons People Might Not be Buying

There are many reasons that people might not be buying from you. Here are my top ten most likely…

  1. They weren’t able to check you out without making some kind of commitment. In a recent survey, 80% of buyers said they checked out a businesses Facebook page before committing to buying. This means that if people are blocked from having a peek by having to send a friend request, a group join request, or they can’t even find your page because there is no public link from your profile to your business page, you could be losing out. This can also happen if people need to book a discovery call, or request more information, when all they want to know is some basic information.
  2. You haven’t sold the value to them yet. This happens a lot when we focus on the price and benefits we offer and don’t consider the value we add. Instead, spend more time learning what your existing customers see as your value and make sure you communicate it to the rest.
  3. You have too many choices and its overwhelming. Research states that customers like to have a choice from three to five possibilities. If you have lots of options that solve the same problem, it might be wise to simplify your offering or find ways for your customers narrow the choices so they can compare up to three at a time.
  4. They don’t know how. Sounds obvious, but actually lots of businesses don’t make it clear to their customers exactly how to buy from them. When was the last time you made a clear call to action on all your media, newsletter, website, Facebook? If it hasn’t been for a while then it’s probably overdue. Or even better, why not consider a step by step call to action that might say something like…

    “First, log on to our website. Then, choose from our awesome range of afternoon teas. Next, choose an available date for your afternoon tea party. Finally, put the kettle on and assemble your cake stand. We’ll handle the rest!”

  5. They don’t feel safe. These days people are nervous about the ways in which they pay for things. Do you offer payment options bank transfer only, or are your customers able to pay by credit card or PayPal.
  6. It’s too complicated. This happens a lot and it’s the number one reason people abandon websites. Either it’s not clear where to find the information, or there are too many clicks. Either way, pretending to be a customer and trying to buy from yourself can show up some problems in this area.
  7. Not enough choices! Just as you can have too many choices, you can also have not enough! People like to compare items and if you only offer one choice they’ll go elsewhere for alternative options. As before, three or five is ideal.
  8. Your website is not mobile friendly. According to Techjury, 50% of business to business enquiries and 58% of consumer sales were made on a mobile. My mobile sales account for more than 60% of my sales. That is a lot to lose if your website isn’t mobile friendly.
  9. Slow service! If a customer can’t find the information they need, the website is slow, or there are delays in replying to messages this causes frustration, and often leads to customers abandoning sales. Have a look through your messages and see if this could be happening to you. Posing as a customer on your website will also show this up as a problem, but do it on your mobile as pictures and flashy effect can really slow them down.
  10. Your branding is off point. What perception do your customers get from your overall branding? Does this match with what you are offering? A disconnect here can be jarring and cause customers to abandon sales.

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The Market isn’t right. A business plan will help you determine whether there is room in the market for you and your product or service. But, sometimes markets can change once you are in business. The recent pandemic has proven this! This is not your fault, but it could have a significant impact. If this has happened it’s time to consider your options. Will the market change? Can you change your offering? Is there a different customer emerging that you can help?

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