Writing Awesome Surveys

Feedback surveys really are an essential part of running a successful customer focused business. If you haven’t done one before then it’s definitely worth considering as the benefits can be huge, and they cost hardly anything to run.

If you’ve impressed or offended a customer at any point, then you’ll probably already know about it. Those types of reactions will typically provoke spontaneous feedback in the way of a 1 or 5 star review, or a direct comment to you. This can be very useful, but there is a group of customers that don’t tell you about their experience. Those customers are your 2, 3 or 4 star reviewers that have not been moved to report back to you on their experiences.

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Email marketing and the rule of legitimate interest

A great many businesses are using legitimate interest as a way to get round a lack of consent in their email marketing. But, this rule is often misunderstood. This means that many people could be receiving emails they shouldn’t be!

Legitimate interest is not a “grey area or loop hole” to be exploited by marketers. It is not a “catch all” excuse to send marketing to anyone you fancy. This must be used only as a last resort, when it is in the interest of the recipient and there is no other better option!

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