9 Benefits of email marketing

Why email marketing?

Email marketing is a powerful tool if used well. It’s cheap, reliable and targeted, which means you won’t be spamming your customers with information they don’t want. And, if they decide they don’t want to hear from you anymore, they can simply unsubscribe! Read on for our 9 top benefits of email marketing…

Benefit One – You Own it!

You don’t own your social media. Facebook can change the rules at anytime, and they often do. This goes for all the social media platforms. You could spend years cultivating a lovely group of fans and then boom, the next day they close the site! You do own your website though, and your email marketing list. So, keeping an email list means you’ll always be able to stay in touch with your best customers.

Benefit Two – Better Targeting!

You can use it to target people depending on where they are in your sales funnel. You can also send specific campaigns to different types of customers. This is especially good for sending out special deals to your best customers, customers in a specific area, customers that like to purchase a specific product, or even on their birthdays. You can even use it to retarget people depending on how they interacted with previous emails and their previous purchases.

One of the benefits of email marketing is direct access to your audience – 61% of people access to their emails daily!

Benefit Three – No algorithms

No computer or algorithm can determine who gets to see your content. Only your customer! This is essential as you are in complete control of what your customers get to see. You might find your emails end up in promotion or spam folders, but if you create engaging content this will be minimised.

Benefit Four – It’s cheap

On a small scale its often free, but when you consider the benefits, most paid services offer excellent value for money. Mailchimp currently offer up to 10,000 emails a month, to up to 2000 contacts, every month, for free. For a small business that’s plenty to get you started. Complex campaigns and larger audiences will often need to be paid for, but if you are wanting these types of services it’s likely your email list has become very profitable!

Benefit Five – It’s Measurable

Most email service providers offer plenty of valuable information about your campaigns. You’ll be able to see who opened your emails, which links they clicked, and how much they spent. They’ll also tell you if people unsubscribed after opening a campaign, and in some cases, the reason they gave for unsubscribing. Mailchimp also categorise your contacts by how likely they are to buy or open your next email!

Benefit Six – It’s a Great Lead

If someone has actually given you their email address and given permission for you to stay in touch with them, then it’s fair to say they must be super interested in what you do. It’s so easy to go around liking pages and content on social media only to never engage again, but your customers have to go to some effort to join your marketing list. When they open their inbox you know they have made time to read their emails and you are not interrupting their social time on Facebook, for example. They are just not ready to buy just yet. Use your sales funnel to determine what kind of content to send and at what time for the best results.

Check out the rules on using legitimate interest here

Benefit Seven – Works for Everyone

92% Of adults have an email address, and 61% check it at least once a day, so this type of marketing works for almost everyone. Your customers might switch social platforms leaving you on the back foot, but they’ll always have an email address! Most of them carry their inbox around in their pocket too, so you can get people at any time. Use your ideal customer profile to determine the best time to send them an email depending on whether you are sending them a “buy now”, or “more info” type of email.

Benefit Eight – You’re in Charge

You get to decide what content you send, and how you send it. No more uncertainty about whether a picture will get reach or not, and they’ll be no doubts about whether Facebook will let you run a poll on your page today or not. You can do what you like!

Benefit Nine – Your customers can easily refer back to it

This was an 8 benefit guide to the benefits of email marketing, but the astute among you will notice a 9th has been added! A post on Facebook or LinkedIn might be easily forgotten and difficult to find again, but as long as your email has a relevant title it’ll be easy to find later. It can also be forwarded and saved easily for reference later.

For best results…

Email marketing is a useful marketing tool on it’s own. But when used as part of a digital marketing campaign it is far, far more powerful. Imagine how amazing it would be to put all the right information, in front of your ideal customer, at exactly the right time! It could make the difference between them buying from you or your competition.

Also, make sure to keep it legal. Our guide to email marketing rules will help make sure you aren’t emailing people you shouldn’t. Also check out ICO to see if you need to register with them over the use of data.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out our guide to email marketing to get you going!

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