9 Reasons to start a blog in 2022

If you’ve ever thought about blogging for your business, I highly recommend it. Here’s our top reasons for starting a blog in 2022, and why you’ll wish you started last January!

1 – It’s good for SEO

Anything that helps your website get found is great for your business and your customers. Google uses the content you publish to decide how to index your website. When your content is focused, consistent and widespread, it is much easier for Google to understand who to show it to. In fact, according to impactplus.com, websites with blogs have, on average, 434% more pages indexed when compared to those that don’t! That’s staggering. This means that your website will be shown to more of your ideal customers. If you only have a few paragraphs about what you do, it makes it much harder. This is especially true if it is watered down with content that isn’t about your business such as “about me” pages.

Google also likes websites that are active. Publishing a regular blog shows Google that your page is being updated, and this is good for your overall ranking.

2 – Showcase your expertise

People often complain that their customers don’t realise how much work goes into their end product. Writing a blog is a great way to show them. Publishing case studies, behind the scenes stories, and how to guides, will teach your customers how much time, expertise, workmanship, and love goes into what you do. Then when it comes to the quote, they’ll know exactly what they are getting for their money!

3 – It’s good for your customers

Blogging could also make your customers lives better! Providing a resource for your ideal customers could help them solve all sorts of problems for themselves. You know what they are into, so talk about subjects that your customers are interested in. For example a dog walker might blog about dog training or socialisation tips. A web designer might blog about content writing, or a baker might share basic skills and tips for home baking. Becoming known as a local expert that really cares about their customers will ensure you stand out from your competition.

Why not consider doing a blog swap with another local business that shares the same customers and values as you. If you don’t feel comfortable writing about a subject, this is the perfect way to get some really valuable content and hopefully gain some new customers too!

4 – Showcase your brand

You could use a blog to build up your brand values and company voice. Blogging is a great space to speak in detail about the stuff you care about. If you support a cause, show people how and what you are doing. If you have a passion, this is the place to talk about it. People love to know the personality behind a company so show it off in your blog.

5 – You own it

Unlike your social media, you own your website! No one can tell you what to write, or what pictures you can use (as long as you have permission from the owner, of course). It also won’t get switched off for no reason. You aren’t likely to get banned from your own website because of something random, and be forced to lose business for the next week while you are in cyber jail! It also lasts forever. Your social media content can quickly get pushed down the newsfeed making it difficult to find again. But, if you categorise your blogs people can easily find the information they are most interested in, whether it was written last week or last year!

6 – It’s sharable

Creating content on your website is very sharable. Not just for your followers, but it’s also sharable for you too. If your followers find value in your posts they’ll be glad to share them with their friends. And seeing as you are now driving new people to your website why not create a newsletter sign up so you can stay in touch with your new readers.

You can share it via post links on your social platforms and via your newsletters too, it’s a great excuse to get people visiting your website – Google loves visitors that stick around and read content too!

7 – It creates more content

Really, a blog post is just a long social media post, so you could use it as inspiration for a few smaller posts. Each paragraph could, on it’s own, be one post. From this blog alone, I could create 7 or 8 separate posts and schedule them over a couple of weeks. If you do that, don’t forget to include a call to action so people can read more. Plus, you can share snippets on your Google My Business listing that link back to the original blog.

8 – Keeps your own knowledge fresh

Writing a blog is a great opportunity for you too! As you research your blog for alternative opinions, facts and new information, you’ll learn tons of new things about your field. And even if you don’t find anything new, you’ll still refresh your own knowledge as you organise your ideas.

9 – It’s FREE!

If you already have a website, then it’s easy to add a blog to it. The only cost will be your time spent researching and writing it. Of course, you could choose to outsource it, and there will be a cost involved if you do that. But, if you’re happy to have a go, it won’t cost you anything.

One reason you’ll wish you started last year!

I stopped working on my canine behaviour business at the start of lockdown. My website went dormant because it got no traffic and I wasn’t updating it. But, all my blogs were still there, and as soon as I started updating it again, I got traffic pretty much straight away. That’s not much help to someone starting out, but if you start blogging now, and the worst happens in the future, your business will still be there when you get back to it! The same can’t be said for social media audiences which once dormant, are pretty hard to revive!

Ideas to get you started on your blog

We’ve already mentioned a few possible ideas for new blogs such case studies, behind the scenes, and how to’s. But, you could also document a transformation such as a new office, van renovation, or shop conversion. Maybe you could talk about new trends, or write up lists of facts that are relevant, such as 5 things you didn’t know about dogs, or 8 ways to increase your shop space. Blogs are great places to talk about a Frequently Asked Question, or educate your customers about something they’ll be interested in.

If you are doing something interesting such as attending a fair for the first time, or holding an event, you could blog about that.

And don’t forget about asking guest bloggers to help you out with their expertise!

Read more on how to get started creating content!

Downsides of blogging

Of course, it’s not always easy. You’ll have to come up with content ideas. Plus it takes time to write and research. A quick “5 things you didn’t know” type might take an hour or two but a more in depth blog could take an afternoon to write, or longer if it’s super detailed. There are techniques you can use to help with the writing process though, keep an eye out for upcoming content writing blogs and workshops for my top tips.

It also needs to be mentioned that blogging is not a quick SEO fix. It takes months for Google to build the trust it needs to start showing it to your customers instead of your competitors content, but it’s so worth it.

What’s stopping you from starting a blog in 2022?

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