A typical consultation

Every small business is so different. Some are still at the exciting stage of putting ideas together, and some of you have been in business for years. For this reason, we will let you, and your needs, lead the direction of our 1-1’s, but typically it might look like this…

Our sessions will normally take place via zoom. But, if your business is local to Dundee then a face to face meeting might be possible.

Getting to know you and your business

If it’s your first coaching session with Caroline, we’ll get started by chatting about you and your business. We’ll talk about what stage your business is at, the direction you’d like to take your business in, what might be standing in your way, and any concerns you are currently having. If you are struggling we’ll do some troubleshooting, or if you know what’s wrong we can start there.

Once we know where you are and your goals, we can start figuring out a plan that will suit you. We like you to get the most out of these sessions, so we’ll be guided by you when it comes to setting formal goals or just creating a simple path to follow. But either way, we’ll be looking at the best way to get you, and your business, where you want to go.

No cookie cutter advice

No business, or client, are the same, so we’ll listen to your concerns and pain points as we make a plan together. For example, many marketing plans include restrictive content planners, we know that many people hate these and are put off by them. You might not even want to use social media as a marketing tool at all! There’s lots of ways to do things, and we’ll try to create a solution that you are happy with and will be enthusiastic about using.

Moving forward, we’ll be coming together to check on the plan we have created to make sure it’s working for you. We’ll also be refocusing goals as we go to make sure you’re able to keep moving your business forward.

Which business adviser?

Caroline and Chris have different experiences and specialities in business, so your consultations might not always be with Caroline, but we’ll discuss your options with you as we go.

Chris is very good at the numbers and spread sheets, and he is very knowledgeable about business structure too. His experience is in business analysis and professional photography, both as a self employed individual and half of a partnership.

Caroline has set up and managed crowdfunding projects, charitable organisations, limited companies, partnerships, and has been self employed. Her industry experience is in dog behaviour and training, dog rescue, luxury afternoon tea delivery, teaching baking skills and celebration cake creation. She has also written and published fiction and non-fiction books and blog content.

We won’t just tell you what to do, we’ll show you how, and why, so you’ll feel empowered to keep using your new skills and apply them to other areas of your business too!

Bespoke consultations

Your coaching session might not necessarily be just about making plans, either! For example, if you need to know how to make an advert for Facebook we can work on it together, or maybe you would prefer us to work on some content together, or start setting up a Mailchimp account perhaps!

Whatever you need, we’ll be guided by that.

Of course, some common things might be covered in our upcoming workshops, so we might guide you to one of those so you can save the 1-1 time for something else!

At the end of your session, we’ll schedule a time for your next session and note some light goals to aim for. In-between, we’ll stay in touch in the group, at the Ask-Me-Anything events, and we’ll check in with you privately too. That way we can make sure things are moving forward as expected and that we’re ready for the next coaching session.

How would you benefit from an experienced business coach?

You shouldn’t have to fight your way through conflicting and confusing advice. We’ll support and guide you so you can make clear, confident decisions. Book a discovery call with us now and find out how we can help you find a clear path!