The Golden Customer

What is a Golden Customer?

Also known as the Ideal or Perfect Customer; your Golden Customer is simply your business’ perfect customer. They love your products, they recommend you, they are easy to work with, and they buy from you, whenever possible! They are the type of customer that you wish you could clone, so all your customers could be exactly like them.

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Twelve Reasons People Abandon Websites

The average amount of time a user will remain within a website is 59 seconds, after this their patience will start to waver. So, the big question is, can your customer make it to the checkout or complete a goal in less than a minute?

A minute isn’t very long when you consider that it includes finding how you can help them, why they should buy from you, can they trust you, and also finding answers to important questions about your delivery areas, prices and options, for example.

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Surviving Christmas

Last week was all about Christmas in our community group! We talked top tips, special dates, product ideas and marketing strategies. We also talked about getting your business Christmas ready, even if you aren’t a Christmassy business. Here are our favourite tips from the week, to catch up on them head over to the group and search for #Christmas

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Scheduling Social Media

Why schedule?

In a recent poll we ran with our members, all those that responded said they like to be spontaneous when they are posting on social media. No one said they schedule their posts at all!

But, taking time to create content for your social media and scheduling it in advance is a real time, and stress, saver. Knowing you don’t have to think of stuff to post every day can be a huge relief, and it leaves room for some really great, spontaneous stuff in between! Much better than posting “that’ll do” posts when you remember!

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Creating a Facebook Advert

Ever wanted to create a Facebook ad but didn’t know where to start?

Or maybe you have tried it a few times and didn’t get the results you wanted. We’ll here’s our handy guide to hopefully make things a bit clearer for you so you can try again with more confidence.

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to create an ad account and link it to your Facebook business page. This is relatively painless, but they will want to verify your ID and your payment details, as they will be providing you with a credit account.

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