Writing Awesome Surveys

Feedback surveys really are an essential part of running a successful customer focused business. If you haven’t done one before then it’s definitely worth considering as the benefits can be huge, and they cost hardly anything to run.

If you’ve impressed or offended a customer at any point, then you’ll probably already know about it. Those types of reactions will typically provoke spontaneous feedback in the way of a 1 or 5 star review, or a direct comment to you. This can be very useful, but there is a group of customers that don’t tell you about their experience. Those customers are your 2, 3 or 4 star reviewers that have not been moved to report back to you on their experiences.

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Are you hiding your business behind a paywall?

What’s a paywall?

If you’re not familiar with the term, you will very likely be familiar with the concept. A paywall is used to restrict free access to your store or content. These days, they are most often used by newspapers or content providers who want you to pay or sign up for their stuff. But some stores use them too, and not always to good effect.

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Twelve Reasons People Abandon Websites

The average amount of time a user will remain within a website is 59 seconds, after this their patience will start to waver. So, the big question is, can your customer make it to the checkout or complete a goal in less than a minute?

A minute isn’t very long when you consider that it includes finding how you can help them, why they should buy from you, can they trust you, and also finding answers to important questions about your delivery areas, prices and options, for example.

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Managing Expectations

Think about all the times you were annoyed by a business over the last few weeks, was it because you received bad service, or was it because your expectations weren’t met? I’ll bet that at least half the time, it was more about your expectations.

I am hugely passionate about customer experience! Ask me to talk about it and I’ll go on for hours because I love it so much! Things go wrong all the time in business, but when it comes down to something as simple as meeting expectations I get really annoyed. This is the one area we have the most control over, but last week my expectations were dashed repeatedly.

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