Are you hiding your business behind a paywall?

What’s a paywall?

If you’re not familiar with the term, you will very likely be familiar with the concept. A paywall is used to restrict free access to your store or content. These days, they are most often used by newspapers or content providers who want you to pay or sign up for their stuff. But some stores use them too, and not always to good effect.

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One size definitely does not fit all

As a dog behaviourist in Dundee, I love getting to the bottom of a problem and working out a solution with the owner that will actually solve the problem. I’m not a sticking plaster person. I look for a solution that will actually work in the long term, not a magic trick that might appear to work but is either not sustainable, or will lose it’s effectiveness over time. As a business advisor, I still hold on to this vital principle and assessment is a big part of this.

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Should you discount?

This question comes up time and time again, and the answer is… it depends, but probably not! Here’s why, and what you could do instead.

Some businesses do well offering regular discounted products and having sales – Primark and Poundland are great examples of businesses that have built their model around affordability and budget. But, unless your company values are forged around affordability then you are probably much better avoiding discounting. I’ll explain…

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