One size definitely does not fit all

As a dog behaviourist in Dundee, I love getting to the bottom of a problem and working out a solution with the owner that will actually solve the problem. I’m not a sticking plaster person. I look for a solution that will actually work in the long term, not a magic trick that might appear to work but is either not sustainable, or will lose it’s effectiveness over time. As a business advisor, I still hold on to this vital principle and assessment is a big part of this.

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A typical consultation

Every small business is so different. Some are still at the exciting stage of putting ideas together, and some of you have been in business for years. For this reason, we will let you, and your needs, lead the direction of our 1-1’s, but typically it might look like this…

Our sessions will normally take place via zoom. But, if your business is local to Dundee then a face to face meeting might be possible.

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The accidental dog trainer…

15 years ago, I accidentally became a self-employed dog trainer!

I had been studying dog behaviour for a couple of years, mostly for my own interest, and had spent the afternoon practising on a friend-of-a-friends dog. After a couple of hours, we were all finished and I was heading for the door.  Then, as I opened the door he asked me how much he owed me. I had not expected to get paid so I just said “whatever you think.” I walked away with a hundred quid in my pocket, and a new job!

I was now self-employed!

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Peeking Behind the Scenes

Having spent the last few weeks prepping content and creating slides, we finally stopped procrastinating, and decided we’d better get started making the videos for the members mini course.

Two weekends ago we hit the studio for the first time and did a practise run. This was more about testing the equipment and lighting than it was about content. I’ve presented live classes and workshops a ton of times before but videos is a whole new thing. By the way, what do you do when someone says “say something for the mic”! My mind goes completely blank! One day I’ll get the hang of that – maybe!

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Hello world!

Hello world indeed! How exciting it is, to be sharing my first blog post with you!

This morning I was zooming with someone I’d met on LinkedIn. He asked me how I ended up creating so many diverse businesses, after all, it’s pretty hard to link Dog Psychology, Afternoon Tea, Crime Writing and Business Mentoring. It was a great question, and after a moment of thought I replied, “… well firstly, I completely adore starting new businesses, the whole process is just so charged with energy and excitement that I can hardly help myself. So that, and I am often so frustrated by the service I get from others and I’m always thinking, I could do a better job than that!”

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