Collaborating in Business!

Collaborating in business is more than just sharing someone else’s social media occasionally. Its about solving problems, developing ideas, sharing space, pooling resources, and cross promoting.

Collaboration isn’t just better for you, it’s also highly beneficial for your customers. When you share resources you can offer your customer a better experience, and sometimes a better service or product.

It could also save money. You could join forces on your marketing, equipment usage, renting office space, sharing resources, staff share, and buying in bulk. You’ll get all the advantages of being a big business, while remaining small and local.

How to do it

When you find a business that compliments yours and shares the same type of customer, you can collaborate in a variety of ways. At a basic level you can share content, write guest blogs for each other to help boost your SEO, cross sell each others stuff, and share events. When you collaborate like this you double your audience, find interesting ways to talk to your customers and make you stand out more to Google.

Niche your business and you’ll have no competition and even more options for collaboration. Offering a premium service from a collection of local experts and specialists is always going to be better than trying to cover all the bases by yourself. When you niche your own business, your competitors become potential collaborators. You become the go to expert in your field, and now you can collaborate with other experts to offer an exception service.

Collaborating in business can be powerful for both business, these two women are sharing ideas and creating a strategy they can both benefit from.
Collaborating in business can be powerful for both business – and their clients!

You could even share space. Collaborating with another businesses over shop space, land, or kitchen space is a great way to reduce costs. You could consider splitting the time so one business uses it by day and the other by night. You could split the space in half, or even change usage seasonally.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we should be ready to pivot at any time. Imagine all those empty cafes. If they were partnered with a takeaway, the takeaway could have continued trading and kept the rent paid rather than the space sitting empty.

Who could you collaborate with?

When considering who to collaborate with, look for a business who’s aims or audiences interests are the sames as yours. Networking is a great way to get the ball rolling here. As you expand your network, opportunities and ideas will start to present themselves to you.

Here are some examples to get you started…

  • Gym owner & Exercise equipment vendor
  • Dog Trainer & Dog Walker
  • Birthday Cake maker & Balloon designer
  • Cafe & Florist
  • Yoga Studio & Play Group
  • Gardener & Pond Specialist
  • Afternoon Tea & Prosecco Delivery
  • Hairdresser & Nail Artist
  • Counsellor & Reiki Practitioner
  • Website Designer & Copywriter

Who would you collaborate with?

How would your business benefit from a 1-1 with an experienced business adviser/coach?

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