Quick Tips to Improve Your Social Media Content

Social media engagement has never been so low! With the average user only spending around 24 minutes per day on Facebook there has never been more competition for space in our newsfeeds. So here are our best tips to get your business noticed amongst all the noise and clutter!

Keep it short

You get about 24 words in a Facebook post before the “Read More” button, so make them count. Snappy headlines can stop someone scrolling. So, try to get a six word headline at the top, then use the other 18 to describe the best bit of your message.

It’s not about you, or sales

Your customers are following your business because they are interested in your business and what it offers. So focus your content on helping them learn more about it, what’s special about it and the benefits you offer. Create content they can identify with, that teaches them about your products, your values, and that solves a problem for them. Use salesy posts carefully, once a week is probably more than enough!

If you want interaction, make it interactive

People often complain that they get no interaction on their social media, but then go and hide the good stuff at the bottom of a long post! Put a question up front and centre so people instantly know how to interact with your post. And don’t forget to keep it relevant to your business and your customers! People are getting wise to random “interaction posts” and are pretty good at scrolling past them!

Keep it interesting

Make your content interesting and engaging. If you know your customer well, you’ll know what they care about, and what interests them. So use that as inspiration for your posts.

Know what you want your content to achieve

Before you start chucking random content at your page, have a think about what each post is supposed to tell your customers. Focus on one thing at a time, and plan your content for variety. Aim to teach your customers about what you do and how you do it. Use testimonials, how-to’s, behind the scenes, case studies, talk about ingredients, processes, show your product in use, meet the team posts, – or something else! And, don’t forget a call to action so they know what to do next.

Time it well

Use your platforms analytics to discover when your audience is most active. That will tell you when to schedule your content so your followers stand the best chance of seeing it.

Mix it up

And finally, use a variety of media to connect with your customers. Include videos, lives, photographs, written posts, podcasts, reels, blogs, music, or whatever else you can think of to keep things interesting for your customers.

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