Here’s a few of our most frequently asked questions. Is yours here? No? Give us a shout – we’d love to hear from you.

I have only just started my business, can you help me?

Absolutely, we specialise in helping new business, just like yours get, and stay, on the right track. In fact, we love to help any business find their feet, no matter what age they are – it’s never too early, or late!

My business is only tiny, and I like it like that, can you still help me?

Of course! We want to help you achieve your goals, whether you want to sell a few handmade crafts at a fair, or you have market domination in mind, it’s up to you to decide what success means to you!

What kind of help can you offer my small business?

If you are just looking for the answer to a specific problem, a 45 minute power-up will suit you best. Or for more comprehensive advice and support, our small business advice and support package is perfect for you. In any case, our advice will be simple, sensible and free of unnecessary jargon.

Can you help me with my social media?

Yes, please, we would love to help you get on track with both your paid and unpaid social media. Helping small businesses understand why they struggle with their social media engagement, and helping them make the most of it, is a particular joy of ours.

Do you offer 1-1 support?

We do, currently its via zoom. Every business is so different and 1-1 support is the only way to offer fully bespoke solutions.

Can my small business survive the pandemic?

Abso-flippin-lutely! Oh my, I could talk about this all day. Many people think they have to reduce their prices, or change what they sell, that’s rubbish. But for now, let me please just ask, don’t even think about putting your prices down until you have spoken to us first.

What’s an ideal customer?

Your “ideal customer” or “golden customer” is just your perfect customer. They love you, they love your product, they recommend your product, and they regularly buy from you. Figuring it out is a real game changer, we’ll help you figure out yours, don’t worry!

Will you help me build a marketing strategy?

Yes, certainly. A marketing strategy will really take the guess work out of marketing for you. It will also help you figure out what is working for you and what isn’t, and where you can make improvements.

I run an MLM, can you still help me?

Yes, we can. However, depending on the training you are receiving from your upline, you may not get the full benefit of ours. You may even find some of our training to be contradictory to what you’ve been taught.

Will you make me do things I don’t want to?

No, there is always more than one way to do something, so we make recommendations that are specific to you and your needs. This means that we will only suggest ideas that we think you’ll be happy with.