Getting ready for Christmas!

‘Tis the season to be jolly! So, let’s not stress about how best to handle the Christmas sales rush. If you get organised now, you’ll be able to sit back smugly and enjoy it – well sort of. You are still self-employed, after all!

To ease the pressure on your small business this Christmas, here are a few things you could be thinking about as you start planning for the rush…

Do you have a different golden customer for your seasonal products or services?

If you sell seasonal items, it’s very likely that your seasonal customers differ from your normal clients. Maybe you usually sell to direct to mums, but now you are expecting gift enquiries from their parents, partners, kids, or even their boss! How might their needs differ? For example, they might be more interested in gift wrap options, options to send directly to the recipient, delivery options, return policy, gift cards, gift bundle ideas, etc etc.

Categorise products or bundles for specific people

Gift buyers are often at a loss as to what to buy for people, so maybe consider how you could take the pain out of choosing for people! Maybe you could create a “Me-Time Bundle for Mums” or categorise according to interests, age, or favourite colour!

Create gift making kits

According to a recent survey, more people than ever are planning to make their own gifts – maybe now is a good time to sell make-your-own card, decoration or candle kits!

Have a selection of price bands

On average, people plan to spend around £60 on their mum, £20 on a work colleague and £45 on a sibling, this Christmas. Do you have a suitable gift idea in that price range?

Are you ready?

Friday 26th November is likely to be one of the busiest shopping days this year! Will you be prepared?

Also, do you know your Christmas postal dates – Hong Kong is 15th October by International Economy!

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