Mindset Vs Strategy

In 2018, Forbes were quite outspoken about the role of business coaches. With more and more coaches focusing on mindset and emotion, I can see their point. However, coaches do play an important role in our business lives. For me, it’s all about getting a healthy balance of both!

Forbes, 1st August, 2018

When you get your mindset right…

Having your head in the right place means you’ll be fully enthused and ready to make change. In terms of your business, this might look like being open to new ways of doing things and growth, you’ll be looking for opportunities to grow your business, and develop your own self. You’ll be ready to take on challenges and risks, you’ll be enjoying lower stress levels and you’re more likely to stretch yourself to meet goals.

So, your mind is open, you’re inspired, you are doing daily affirmations and you are READY! That’s all fine, until you realise that to grow your business you need to know how to actually grow a business. You need to know how to write and implement a decent business plan, how to market yourself to attract and convert clients, how to recruit and pay staff, and how apply to get the finance to make it all happen.

Growth mindset allows you to try new things and opens your mind to learning and development but it doesn’t teach you the skills so you end up running in circles, oozing enthusiasm but getting nothing done. Imagine Rocky on steroids with no one to fight!

Even Eric Schmidt, the former executive chairman of Google had a business coach, he already had a good strategy but a coach helped him be his best self and achieve his plan.

We can help you with infinite thinking, growth mindset and affirmations all day long, but without the skills to grow your business, its wasted.

My Business Companion, 2021

Getting your strategy in shape…

Getting your strategy in shape looks like knowing exactly what to do, and how to do it. You’ve been on all the courses and learned all the techniques, and are ready to put them all into practice in your shiny new business. An experienced business adviser can help you put together a great strategy to take your business in any direction you like.

But, just knowing all the stuff and not feeling inspired or ready to grow is not very useful. It’s like a dietician who knows every diet there is but is overweight because they aren’t motivated to change. Knowledge is great, but if you aren’t ready to change, you’ll get nowhere!

Not either/or

I think you need a good balance of both to make magic happen!

If you only have your mindset right, you’ll be raring to go, but you’ll have no plan. You’ll be super inspired and full of ideas but nothing will happen. And likewise, if you only have good strategy you’ll have plenty of knowledge but no enthusiasm to actually implement it. You’ll suffer with overwhelm and burn out pretty quickly.

Most business owners we speak to are feeling an imbalance one way or another, and usually in the strategy department. There are lots of inspiring speakers and coaches about, but not so many people offering workshops!

Do you need more strategy or mindset?

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