I’ve been incredibly lucky to receive amazing advice and insight from My Business Companion! Caroline has been an incredible support for which I’m hugely grateful.

Emma Lou, Love Your Sparkle

Book a power-up for targeted advice?

The internet is full of workshops that promise to teach us how to get the most out of our businesses. Often they talk about generic businesses, or use their own examples, and you have figure out how their advice would work for you.

How great would it be if the workshop was only for you and targeted only to your business? And not just your sector, your exact business! That’s what we do in our power-ups. Your business is the example, and we help you figure out the answers!

These are perfect for start-ups and very small businesses, including sole traders, that are fed up trying to navigate generic advice from the internet and just want to know what’s right for their exact business.

Whether you need help booking more clients, selling your services to pet owners, boosting sales, social media engagement, or something else, we’re here for you!

Maybe you just want to work on one specific area of your business, maybe you just have one question you need reassurance on, you need extra support, or you need help but aren’t ready to commit to a full small business advice and support package right now.

Business advice and support zoom meeting with a small business owner!
Business advice and support zoom meeting with a small business owner!

What can we help you with in a power-up?

Here’s a few suggestions…

  • Social media analysis
  • Finding and communicating “value”
  • Website design
  • Golden Customer
  • SEO advice
  • Growth
  • Strategy
  • Goal setting
  • Business Planning
  • Competitor analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Customer Experience

Ready to get started, no problem, you can book in right here!

  • Just pick a date and time that suits you
  • Tell us a few details about your business
  • Then sit back and wait for us to get you on the right track

Your power-up costs £95, this includes some advance research and preparation and your 45 minute private workshop via zoom.

Did you know… Your meeting costs are tax deductible, so don’t forget to keep your receipt!

Please contact us in advance if you would prefer to schedule with Chris, who can help you with stuff like:

  • Cash flow and basic accounting
  • Getting started with Profit First