Peeking Behind the Scenes

Having spent the last few weeks prepping content and creating slides, we finally stopped procrastinating, and decided we’d better get started making the videos for the members mini course.

Two weekends ago we hit the studio for the first time and did a practise run. This was more about testing the equipment and lighting than it was about content. I’ve presented live classes and workshops a ton of times before but videos is a whole new thing. By the way, what do you do when someone says “say something for the mic”! My mind goes completely blank! One day I’ll get the hang of that – maybe!

Chris took a bit of video and some audio and when we got home he put it together using his fancy new software. It looked pretty good! Which basically meant that we were good to go and we scheduled a day in the studio for the following weekend so we could get started on the first set! Argh!

There’s always something…

You’d think we’d be ready to hit the ground running, having done a practise run, and all that! But, no, there is always something that you’ve over looked. We got one video finished by lunchtime though! Only five more to go…

A quick stop for a refuel and things started to go a little smoother, and we found our flow. Or so we thought. That was until we realised the back up sound recorder on the camera had come unplugged! Fingers crossed, the main sound would be perfect!

The last two went smoothly, thank goodness!

The sound issues caused a few problems when it came to editing. Our lack of rehearsal didn’t help either, but once we’d figured out the routine things started to go a bit faster.

Next step is to create the written content. All our videos are available in blog form, and they have subtitles too, so hopefully there should be no barriers for anyone.

Only two more weekends of this to go…

In the mean time, Chris certainly has his hands full!!

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