Scheduling Social Media

Why schedule?

In a recent poll we ran with our members, all those that responded said they like to be spontaneous when they are posting on social media. No one said they schedule their posts at all!

But, taking time to create content for your social media and scheduling it in advance is a real time, and stress, saver. Knowing you don’t have to think of stuff to post every day can be a huge relief, and it leaves room for some really great, spontaneous stuff in between! Much better than posting “that’ll do” posts when you remember!

Tell your story

Scheduling allows you to tell your story in a more intentional way!

Your customers will love it as they won’t see the same types of posts over and over again in their newsfeeds. Plus, they’ll get a good mix of information spread throughout the week. When you schedule your posts, you can be sure to answer all your customers possible questions and concerns in a logical way. This is especially useful to your new clients as they will often scroll back through your most recent posts before hitting the “Follow” button. You’ll want them to get a good variety of content so they can see exactly what kind of company you are and what they can expect from you.

No Gaps

Using a scheduler will allow you to look at your content a week at a time so you can see if there are any gaps which need to be filled well in advance. It’s easy to forget to post, and if you get out the habit, weeks can go by and before you know it you’ve put nothing new up! Not only could this put off new clients as they will come to an unused page, but Facebook hates it too, and your page could have its Facebook score reduced.

Mix up content

It also means that your content will be varied and posted at consistent times throughout the week (which Facebook and Instagram particularly love).

When you schedule your content you’ll be able to choose the best times for your content to go live. Facebook has a lovely tool to tell you when your customers are most active. If you schedule at these times, you’ll be sure your posts will get the best possible exposure. Facebook loves consistency too, so posting at the same times and days will improve your pages overall Facebook score, and ultimately, your general visibility.

Scheduling posts doesn’t mean you can’t be spontaneous at all! It’s ok to make time for spontaneity, but you’ll be relaxed knowing that if you forget, or can’t think of anything worthy, your social is covered for the week!

For example, your schedule might look a bit like this…

  • Monday: Shameless Sales Post
  • Tuesday: Product Shot
  • Wednesday: Spontaneous Content/Day Off
  • Thursday: One Benefit of using your business
  • Friday: Social Proof or Review
  • Saturday: Spontaneous behind the scenes/Day Off
  • Sunday: Something Cute or Funny

Or, a more intense version could be this…

  • Monday: Shameless sales post!
  • Tuesday: AM: Spontaneous Content. PM: Behind the scenes.
  • Wednesday: One benefit your business offers
  • Thursday: Something Cute, Funny or a Meme
  • Friday: AM: One benefit your product offers. PM: A Blog Post
  • Saturday: AM: A FAQ. PM: Spontaneous Content.
  • Sunday: Social proof or Customer review

Scheduling Tools

Creator studio is a Facebook tool and will let you schedule posts to Facebook and Instagram. When it works, it will also let you schedule to stories too.

We use Buffer to schedule our posts and I highly recommend it but there are loads of independent options too. Most offer trials and/or FREE versions, so worth checking them out to see what will suit you. Just look out for one that schedules to the platforms you use, and check that it will allow you to tailor each post, to each platform. Nothing worse than seeing a Facebook post with 30 hashtags on it, or half a Tweet because you ran out of characters and it didn’t warn you!

Do you use a scheduler for your social media?

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