SEO Vomit

So, what is SEO Vomit exactly? Well I’m glad you asked about SEO vomit because I love telling people about SEO vomit. So let me explain what SEO vomit is in a way that’s easy to understand SEO vomit. SEO vomit happens when… get the idea?

In the beginning…

Lets go back to the start… Back in the late 90’s two Stanford students got together and founded Google from their dorms. Using a server made of lego, they brought their internet search engine to life. A search engine that would go on to change the world!

By Christian Heilmann – Flickr: The first Google computer at Stanford, CC BY 2.0,

Originally called Backrub; they created a system that ranked web pages according to the number of backlinks that pointed to them. Other search engines were available at the time, but they only used text searches. This new system proved to return much better results. But they went one better – a system that ranked pages using both methods.

What’s a backlink?

Simply put, a backlink is a link on someone else’s website that leads back to your website. The more people that link to your website the better, and the better the quality of the website that has a link to yours the better. The quality of the website is important. When people learned how Google ranked pages websites were built which were packed full of backlinks. In fact an industry was formed out of it! But these websites hold no value, there is no useful content on these pages so they are ranked poorly. A reputable news site has a very high ranking. the content is great quality, and if you get a backlink from that type of site, it’ll rank very well!

A text search is one where a page is indexed based on the content within the page. Google knows what is written on most of the webpages that are published. When you search for something it will look at all the information it has and deliver what it thinks are the most relevant results. This means that pages that mentioned a subject a few times are ranked higher in results than others that don’t. And guess what, SEO keywords were invented!

SEO Keywords

When people figured this out they started packing websites with words they thought were relevant so that the page would be ranked higher. And you guessed it, you ended up with websites that look like the first paragraph I wrote. Google wised up to this pretty quickly. Mostly, because it has a third way of ranking pages, and that is based on the reaction people have to it. When you open a page and it is jammed with nonsense, like in the first paragraph, you close the page. Google makes a note of this. Over time it learns what people like to read, and the content they spend time looking at.

Sadly, you still see pages packed with SEO Vomit. For some reason people are still using it as a marketing tool, even though it hasn’t made a jot of difference for a long time, and could actually be harming a pages rank!

Just write good content!

If you want to rank well on Google there is really only one way to do it. Write useful, relevant, content that people want to read. A blog is perfect for this. You get to write loads of great stuff so your customers can learn all about your business, your values, how you do what you do, and why, whilst keeping your sales pages clean and to the point. Your customers will love it, and so will Google!

That’s it. Feel free to make sure you are hitting all the right notes – Google isn’t a mind reader. If you write a page about Italy without mentioning the word Italy a few times, you’ll never get listed. And it’s ok to think about the types of words and phrases that people might use and try to include a couple. But don’t go nuts – if it reads badly, then stop!

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