So, you’re fully booked, what now?

It’s such a relief to have a full client diary. It means you can finally relax and just get on with the business of doing the job you love, right?

Well, actually, maybe don’t relax too much, just yet.

Your diary might be full now but it might not always be that way. Even if you offer a recurring service such as a dog walker or cleaner, with the best will in the world stuff happens and peoples needs will change over time.

Unless you are very lucky, and have a queue of people desperate for your product or service, if you aren’t careful, you run the risk of ending up with an empty diary again in the future. And, if you do have queues of potential clients lining up, then maybe it’s time to think about how best to handle that too.

Consider your options

If you have a lovely full order book, then you are now in the enviable position to have some options. Lucky You!

Your first option is to carry on just as you are. You’ll get on with the job until you start seeing gaps in the diary and then start trying to fill your spaces again. In the mean time, you’ll relax on your marketing because you are fed up with turning people away. This works well if you don’t need a full dairy to pay all your bills.

A better option is to maintain a soft marketing campaign that continues to teach people about what you do, how you do it, your brand, and the value you offer. This type of marketing is pressure free as you are concentrating on all the good stuff you do and achieve. You don’t have spaces to fill, so you can at least relax on the salesy aspect of your marketing. Keeping your name out there means that you’ll have a pool of interested customers ready and waiting to get booked in as soon as you get a hint of a space coming up. It also means that your social media presence remains active and consistent, and your SEO is maintained on your website.

Or, how about changing the way you work? Now you have a full diary you don’t need to worry too much about offering discounts or using special offers to encourage interest, you could even consider niching your service and becoming a specialist in one aspect of your service. Or why not just give yourself a simple pay rise?

Even better though, why not consider whether you can expand what you do somehow? How might that look? If you have a consistent pool of clients which you are able to maintain with little effort, just imagine what you could achieve if you really wanted? Why not take a few minutes to think about whether you could take on extra staff, could you expand into a new area, or how about franchising or licensing your business to someone else? It could be easier than you think!

How would you benefit from an experienced business coach?

If that all sounds a bit scary it doesn’t have to be, an experienced business advisor or coach, like us, could be just the thing to help support you while you consider new possibilities.

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