Social Media Marketing

Have you ever thought about why you spend so much time on your social media marketing? We all stress out about it, but maybe we’ve forgotten what the point of it actually is. Or maybe, we’re just doing it because we’ve been told to!

The bottom line is that, just like all your other marketing efforts, it’s main purpose should be to get people to visit your store – whatever that looks like!

Your store (online, offline, or other) is where all the magic happens for your business. It’s where people can find out more specific information about your products and services. They can discover facts about your business, your terms and conditions, and sometimes meet your staff. But ultimately, it’s integral to your buyers journey with you. Of course, there are a few business’ that vary the model slightly, for example, they might sell at parties in their customers homes. So for the sake of argument, we’ll call that your shop too.

Raising Awareness

In terms of a sales funnel, social media is all about raising awareness of what you do, and how you do it. Opinions vary regarding how many contacts a customer needs with you before they will be ready to make a purchase. Personally, I think a lot of it depends on how urgent the purchase is. Someone buying a birthday gift for delivery within a few days is going to spend a lot less time researching a purchase than someone considering a birthday that’s coming up next month.

Trust plays a part in this too. If your business is well established, with a long list of positive recommendations, then a new customer will feel far more reassured. If you are a shiny new business with no history, they’ll need more time to build that trust up. So your social media is a great way to talk to your customers regularly while they figure out if your business meets their needs or not.

In research stage

While your customers are in the research part of the funnel they will also be checking out other businesses that might solve their problem. If you deliver handmade gifts, your competition might also be afternoon tea delivery, flower delivery, wine or hamper delivery. So, your job on social media is to remind your customers how good you are at solving their problem, and your core values.

The recommendation is that only 1 in 5 posts should contain a “buy now” call to action. This is because people are not on social media to buy, they are there to be entertained. It also ties in well to the fact that people need so many contacts with you before they are ready to buy. So focus on the kind of information people want to know when they are researching a purchase.

Consider posting about the benefits your products offer. Show people why you do what you do, talk about your core values, and how you solve problems for your customers. When they are ready to move on from the research stage, they’ll be in no doubt as to how amazing you are, and will seek out how to buy from you. By then, that “buy now” post won’t feel so out of place.

Consider also the types of content your specific customers want on individual platforms. People that use Facebook are going to be drawn to different kinds of content compared to those on Twitter, or Tik Tok for example.

What social media?

A quick note about what social media you should be on as this gets asked a lot! The simple answer is: you should be on whatever your golden customers are on. Always remember who you are trying to solve problems for, and post your content where they are most likely to see it, and at a time they will have time to fully appreciate it. Your content is for them, so keep them firmly in mind in everything you do – not just your socials!

How much should I post?

How much do you have to say? Quality trumps quantity here. Your social media marketing strategy should include a selection of post types that tell your business’ story. Include posts that show off your personality, your values, behind the scenes, your products, the quality of your work, customer feedback etc. Spending half an hour each week scheduling your content will keep you on track and make sure you tell your story in a coherent way without falling back on filler.

Don’t pad your content! A couple of really great posts a week is much better than a ton of filler. Engagement posts are great but they don’t sell, and they might not appeal to your golden customer. You’re there to sell your company and your products or services, so keep those to a minimum otherwise you’ll have a page full of fans that are only there for the banter.

How would your business benefit from an experienced business coach?

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