Surviving Christmas

Last week was all about Christmas in our community group! We talked top tips, special dates, product ideas and marketing strategies. We also talked about getting your business Christmas ready, even if you aren’t a Christmassy business. Here are our favourite tips from the week, to catch up on them head over to the group and search for #Christmas

Getting Ready

Even if you are not expecting much change to your business over Christmas, there are still a few things that you could consider in the run up to the big day…

  • Is there something you can offer your customers – gift vouchers, for example?
  • Consider your seasonal working hours – are you planning to take a few days off, will you close early, or work late?
  • Will you be offering different service options?
  • Do you need orders to come in earlier than usual?
  • If you have staff, will they be affected by the changes?
  • Let your customers know about any changes well in advance by updating your Google My Business Page (you can add seasonal hours), Website, Email Subscribers and Social Media about changes to your business over the Christmas period.
  • Might your suppliers be changing their service levels and business hours, will that impact on you?

How much are people spending?

This year… People born before 1980 plan to spend, on average, £576 on Christmas gifts this year! This is more than double the £207 those born after 1980 plan to spend! How they break that up will depend on how their family is made up

Here’s a list of how much, on average, people spend on gifts for their family and friends. Do you have a gift idea that falls in budget for any of these people?

  • Children (under 16) – £129.79
  • Partner – £120.51
  • Children (over 16) – £105.99
  • Mum – £63.51
  • Dad – £51.81
  • Siblings – £47.46
  • Grandparents – £40.05
  • Father-in-Law – £40
  • Step Mum – £38.86
  • Mother-in-Law – £38.25
  • Step Dad – £35.95
  • Friends – £32.73
  • Extended family – £29.17
  • Pets – £27.34
  • Colleagues – £20.34

Do you have a different type of customer for your seasonal products or services?

If you sell seasonal items, it’s very likely that your seasonal customers differ from your normal clients. Maybe you usually sell to direct to mums, but now you are expecting gift enquiries from their parents, partners, kids, or even their boss or dog! So today, take some time to think about how your new customers might be different from your usual’s. How might their needs differ? For example, they might be more interested in gift wrap options, options to send directly to the recipient, delivery options, return policy, gift cards, gift bundle ideas, etc etc.

Just an idea… Gift buyers are often at a loss as to what to buy for people, so maybe consider how you could take the pain out of choosing for people!

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