One size definitely does not fit all

As a dog behaviourist in Dundee, I love getting to the bottom of a problem and working out a solution with the owner that will actually solve the problem. I’m not a sticking plaster person. I look for a solution that will actually work in the long term, not a magic trick that might appear to work but is either not sustainable, or will lose it’s effectiveness over time. As a business advisor, I still hold on to this vital principle and assessment is a big part of this.

I love talking to people and really getting to the heart of the problem. This vital assessment stage should never be skipped. I never skimped on the assessment as a dog behaviourist, and I don’t now as a business coach. So, when we have a 1-1 together, don’t be surprised if I ask you questions about where you see your business in a year, 5 years, or even longer. I’ll ask you all kinds of stuff about where you are, where you are going, and what you need. We’ll talk a bit about your numbers and the money. I’m not judging you on any of it, promise. By digging deep I will be able to give you the right solution to the actual problem.

The right answer for the right problem

Figuring out the actual problem in the first place is pretty important. For example, many people say they want help with their social media engagement, but when we delve deeper, they actually want help getting more sales – not necessarily the same!

Only the other day, I was debating the pros and cons of running a pre-sale campaign vs a Kickstarter campaign for a new product launch.

Kickstarters aren’t for everyone, and having successfully funded a project via the platform, I was able to give her some advice from a position of actual experience. It turns out that there was an even better (and less stressful) way for her to achieve her goals and launch her product, but we’d never have known that without a deep conversation. Who knows how much time or money might have been wasted pursuing the wrong avenues.

Future proofing

Getting a sense of expectations and goals is vital, which is why I ask about the future during your consultation. A business that only ever wants to sell a few bits and pieces as a hobby should consider a different strategy to one that hopes to grow into a full time business. In person, local deliveries might work for the part time hobby business, but when you consider how many items you would need to deliver to sustain a profitable enough business to pay your wages, the question is, will you even have the time? And by the time you figure that out, is it now part of your businesses unique charm! Posting in buy and sell groups might only take a few minutes each day when you are selling a small amount, but if you need to sell £50k worth of stock a year to pay yourself, are you still going to want to go through that? And what about payment options? Checking your bank a couple of times a day for payments is ok for now, but what about when you are handling a grand a week in sales?

How would you benefit from an experienced business coach?

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