Useful Business Tools

There are many awesome tools available to help you run your business better. Here are a few of our favourites. Most are FREE, or have a free version. Hopefully, you’ll find them as useful as we do!


Ubersuggest is a great keyword tool. You can use it to discover what keywords your site (or your competitors site) is being ranked for, and find suggestions for your next piece of content. It is FREE to use at the basic level which is plenty to get you going (we only use the FREE version), but there is a paid version too if you want to really up your SEO game.

Google Analytics

This is a fantastic FREE tool from Google. It’ll tell you so much about your website visitors such as where they came from, the pages they are visiting, when they visit, and even how long they stick around for. You can even watch live as people explore your site, here’s a screen shot I took from one of my websites in live view!

Live View is one of my favourite features offered by Google Analytics.

Facebook Insights

Facebook has a great tool that will show you how your page is performing and who your followers are. You’ll even discover when they are active on Facebook so you can schedule your content for the best possible times. Follow the link below to get started.

Answer the Public

This is a great tool if you are looking for content ideas. Start by adding a keyword into the search and it’ll suggest questions people are asking online that are related to your keyword. Simply pick one and blog about it. You already know people are searching for that information so why not write a blog for them to find.

PageSpeed Insights

People lose patience with slow websites, and so does Google. So it’s important to keep an eye on the loading speed of your site. PageSpeed Insights will not only tell you how fast your site is loading on mobile and desktop, but it will also make suggestions to improve your score.

Site Speed Checker Tool

Google My Business Page

Renamed to “Business Profile,” your Google My Business page is an essential tool if you are hoping to get found on the internet. It’ll increase your overall visibility, and if you are a local business you’ll appear on Google maps too. Your customers can leave reviews, you can share your business hours, and you can even post pictures and updates. You might already have a profile, if you do, claim it now and start updating it!


Smush is a fabulous WordPress tool that automatically compress’ the images you upload to your pages. Images are often to blame for a slow loading site, so this tool will help keep your site loading efficiently.

Use the plugin search to find Smush and add it to your site.


SerpRobot is a FREE tool that will tell you what position your website ranks at on Google searches. Simply add your website address and the keywords you are hoping to rank for and click “Check Serp.” You can also see what other pages are ranking for your chosen keywords, and use the tool to check someone else’s website!

SerpRobot Results Page


This is a social media scheduling tool. We love it because you can easily tweak your posts to suit each platform and you can quickly move posts around. It has a FREE version which we find is good enough for most things, but there are lots of great features if you decide to upgrade. I would suggest watching a how-to video as it does a lot more than you expect, and it’ll save you time trying to figure it all out.


Trello is an awesome organisational tool. Whether you want to monitor client progress through onboarding, stages of work, completion, and payment, or just manage your day better, this will help. I love how easy it is to monitor client progress and make sure no one gets forgotten about. You can include the whole team too, so everyone can keep on top of progress together. I also use it to organise my book writing!

Backlink Discovery Tool

Ever wondered what websites are linking back to yours? You might be surprised. This tool will find all your backlinks so you can quickly see who is talking about you and what they are saying! Backlinks are also important for SEO. The more you have, and the higher the authority, the more likely you’ll be indexed too.

Google Forms

Google forms is a part of the Google Docs suite and is a great tool for creating customer feedback forms. You can easily include different paths of questioning for your clients, depending on what answers they give. It’s easy to share, and the results are easy to read. It’s a favourite of ours.

The results of a Google Forms Survey


Whenever you are writing content for your wordpress website, yeost can help you get it found by Google. It’ll guide you on keyword usage, using and labelling photos, and creating SEO friendly titles for your page or blog.

It might already be added to your site, if not search the plugins to find and install it.

Unsplash, Pexels and Pixabay

If you need completely free images to use on your website or social media, these guys have a huge selection. You don’t need to credit the photographer, they are completely free. However, use them wisely, images that are used frequently and by many different people are not ranked highly by social media or search engines. You’ll be ranked higher if you mostly use your own images.

You’ll find them all on Google search!


If you are fed up of playing email ping-pong with your clients when it comes to scheduling appointments, this might be the tool for you. You set up your availability, link it to your diary, and then people can easily check your availability and book appointments with you. The FREE version allows you to create one type of appointment, but paid versions have much more functionality including the ability for clients to rearrange their own appointments and the creation of zoom links. I have two paid accounts and feel they are well worth the money. The monthly cost is significantly less than my hourly rate, and I was spending far more time than that each month managing appointments, reminders, and sending out links!

Just be warned that when you sign up for Calendly it automatically enrolls you on a free trial of the pro version. This means that after your trial period certain functionality might be removed. I found this disappointing, but it was worth knowing what could be done with the paid version.

What’s your favourite business tool?