What Problem Do You Solve?

What are their challenges?

Now you know your customer in detail lets start figuring out what their challenges are and how you can help solve them.

So consider what their day might look like. Is it non-stop from start to finish, in which case you might consider how a speedy checkout might help them, or home delivery, perhaps.

Maybe their biggest challenge is the weather, can you suggest ways your product or service could be used in good and bad weather. Are they internet shy and need a phone number to get in touch with you. If they have a budget, would it help to offer payments on account or savings solutions. Do they have a young family, can you expand your offering to be family friendly? Maybe, they are home bodies and would prefer an in home service? Do they work random hours and need online ordering for the days they are on nightshift? Perhaps they are diet conscious, environmentally aware, or something else. Or maybe they have a dog and you offer a “no-doorbell” service or free pats on delivery? Perhaps you do business on the golf course, or do foot massages in the park while the kids play. Do they have work commitments that you could work around, or maybe homework time is a no go?

You’ll know them best, how can your product or service fit into their lives better.

Do your research

Now start thinking about where they hang out. Go find them there and see exactly what they are saying they want from your product. I like to go into local interest groups on Facebook, loads of people ask for recommendations for afternoon tea in there. But they don’t just ask for afternoon tea, they ask for afternoon tea with delivery, or an afternoon tea that’s a little bit special, or an afternoon tea with sandwiches you can choose, reasonably priced, etc. They already know they want the afternoon tea; so the good news is that you don’t have to sell that part. But you will get a bit of an insight into the pain point of your customer – these customers wanted a cheaper “everyday” option, custom savouries and delivery options. That is your potential selling point, that is the need you might be solving. My golden customer likes expensive, high quality things, and that fits perfectly with my brand. So, I would ignore the request for a reasonable priced afternoon tea and focus my marketing on the ones that want a premium service.

For more ideas, you could check your emails, messages, reviews, and feedback, as they will also show you what your customers are valuing about your product. If they say it’s soooo fresh and tasty, then fresh and tasty was what they needed from their afternoon tea, and you nailed it. What questions do they regularly ask in their messages?

If you have Google analytics installed on your website, you can also take a look at the keywords people used to find you for clues.

A great tool currently offered by Facebook is Audience Insights. It’ll help you learn loads about your Facebook page followers including what other pages do they follow, their interests, relationships, lifestyles and loads more. You might be surprised by what you find out – for example my afternoon tea customers overwhelmingly followed nail salons and weight loss groups – who would’ve predicted that!

Now all you have to do is create a website, shop window or a Facebook page that will appeal to them, their values, and address the need quickly and easily.

Great for your Ads

Knowing your customer and their pain points is extremely beneficial to your ads too. Getting your ad in front of the right person and including the solution to their pain in the first line of your text will really change your ads performance.  How great would these ads be if the right person saw them…?  Want Afternoon Tea Delivery to your Home or Office? Get pampered without leaving home! Winning websites in 3 easy payments?

Consider yourself a matchmaker! Your only job is to find the right customer and tell them why your product is best for them!