Why schedule social media

In a recent poll, those that responded said they like to be spontaneous when posting on social media. But, taking time to schedule social media content can be a real time, and stress, saver. Plus, it’ll ensure you tell your story exactly how you want to tell it.

Better for you!

There’s nothing worse than trying to create a social media post when you’re under pressure. Rather than posting “that’ll do” posts when you realise you haven’t posted any content for a while! Planning and scheduling your content puts you back in control and get’s it all out the way so you don’t have to worry about it.

Phone showing various social media apps. Use one app to schedule all your social media.
Schedule all your social media content using one app

When you schedule social media posts you’ll be completely in control of your messaging. Knowing you don’t have to think of stuff to post every day can be a huge relief, and it leaves room for some really great, spontaneous stuff in between – if you want to do that!

Planning and scheduling means that your content will be varied and posted at consistent times throughout the week (which Facebook and Instagram particularly love). In a recent update, Meta said it particularly favoured pages that post consistently and at similar times. Aaaand, it allows you to tell your story in a more strategic way!

Great for your customers

Your customers will like it too as they won’t see the same types of posts over and over again, and then nothing for ages. Plus, they’ll get a good mix of information spread throughout the week. And taking time to do it means you can easily see if you are answering their questions and getting the voice right!

Posting when your top fans are online means you’ll get better reach with your posts than if you just chuck content up when it’s on your mind. Consistent timing also helps the platform know who to show your stuff too.

Planning your content

Before you start, make a list of the things that you do that are valuable to you and your customers. For example, if your customers value your same day delivery service and the fact that your vans are electric, add these to the list. Maybe they are more concerned with getting a good deal or your unique cake flavours. Whatever it is, making a list will help you touch all the value bases.

You’ll also want to mix up the style of posts so it’s not all sell, sell, sell! For example, your content schedule might look a bit like this…

  • Monday: Shameless sales post!
  • Tuesday: Behind the scenes or spontaneous Content
  • Wednesday: One benefit your business offers
  • Thursday: Something Cute or Funny, A Meme
  • Friday: One benefit your product offers/A Blog Post
  • Saturday: A FAQ or spontaneous content
  • Sunday: Social proof/Customer review

Most of your customers will only see a few of your posts. At the time of writing, posts are being seen on Facebook by between 1-5% of your fans, so be creative and don’t leave it too long between repeating your messaging.

And don’t forget, scheduling posts doesn’t mean you can’t be spontaneous at all! Why not leave a few spaces blank for those last minute messages.

If you’re not sure what to write, heres some social media content creation tips.

Which social media scheduler?

Creator studio is a Meta tool and will let you schedule content to Facebook and Instagram. Recently they upgraded it, so it will also let you schedule to stories too. But, there are loads of independent options too. Most offer trials and/or FREE versions, so it’s worth checking them out to see what will suit you. Just look out for one that schedules to the platforms you use, and check that it will allow you to tailor each post to each platform. Nothing worse than seeing a Facebook post with 30 hashtags on it, or only half a Tweet!

Or if you really hate doing your social media – why not consider hiring a social media manager?

How would your business benefit from a 1-1 with an experienced business adviser?

We’ll help you figure all this stuff out, and make a social media strategy that is perfect for you, your business, and your goals!