Hello world!

Hello world indeed! How exciting it is, to be sharing my first blog post with you!

This morning I was zooming with someone I’d met on LinkedIn. He asked me how I ended up creating so many diverse businesses, after all, it’s pretty hard to link Dog Psychology, Afternoon Tea, Crime Writing and Business Mentoring. It was a great question, and after a moment of thought I replied, “… well firstly, I completely adore starting new businesses, the whole process is just so charged with energy and excitement that I can hardly help myself. So that, and I am often so frustrated by the service I get from others and I’m always thinking, I could do a better job than that!”

Solving Problems

How I became a dog psychologist… Years ago I bought a puppy. I had no idea what I was doing and she went completely off the rails. So, I called in a private dog trainer who recommended to me all kinds of horrific training techniques. I wasn’t going to take his advice, of course. So I hit the books and started researching dog psychology. Turns out, I wasn’t half bad at it, and Molly was behaving like an angel in no time. Books led to classes, classes led to courses and before you know it I had 13 qualifications in dog behaviour and was taking on my first client. It wasn’t long before I was the go to option in Northern Ireland.

How I became a crime thriller author… I had always wanted to write a book, and had published a book about dog behaviour a few years earlier. So writing wasn’t completely new to me. But, the turning point for me happened one day when I closed yet another lack lustre page turner. I was so frustrated by books being described as a “roller coaster”, or a “page turner” and finding it hard to get past the first chapter. So I decided to write something that I really wanted to read. I’ll let you be the judge of whether its a page turner or not, but there is one moment in the book that still gives me thills, and that’s after many, many rounds of editing and rewriting!

Perfecting the Product

How I became an afternoon tea chef… Are you spotting the theme yet? Yep, I got fed up with crappy afternoon teas! I’m a pretty good baker and cook, and I regularly play host to friends and family. So, in 2019, I decided to make my version of the perfect afternoon tea. I solved all the problems I found, which were many, and made it available for home delivery!

How I became a small business coach… You guessed it! The frustration of seeing how a few simple changes could really help people and their small business has been overwhelming at times. So much of the content available to business owners ends up being purely inspirational and lacking in actual advice. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. But I want to know how people did what they did, and crucially, what could I learn from them that might help me. So, this is my way of sharing as much as I can to help you.

Serial Entrepreneur

I can’t help myself, I just want to help everyone and I see so many opportunities! You’d be surprised at how many times I see a problem and have to talk myself out of creating a business to solve it! It’s more than monthly, that’s all I’m saying.

Chris was no better. He could feel the frustration felt by so many of his fellow business owners too. He especially felt it from fellow photographers and creative people, and wanted a way to help them.

So, when Chris suggested we could put our combined knowledge of running and managing businesses together, and actually start helping other small businesses. I could hardly say no, could I?

So here we both are…

Tell me in the comments, why do you do what you do?

How would your business benefit from an experienced business coach?

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